Floating Suctions

Wherever applications like Turbines demand dirt/ dust/ water free petroleum products like ATF, Naphtha, HSD etc., the products are drawn from the top, decanted and clear layers using FLOATING SUCTION. The main components are Swivel Joints, Floats and the Suction Pipe. In Fixed Tank applications, properly sized floats hepl keep the suction mouth in a predetermined position below the liquid surface. In Floating Roof Tanks, the Suction Mouth is suspended below the Deck with a Trolley that moves in Guide Rails. Alternately, properly designed Floats keep the Suction Mouth in contact with the underside of the deck with a friction free roller.

PENTA-TECH has developed a BALANCED SWING JOINT specially for this application.

Sizes: 2" (50)NB to 24" (600)NB.

MOC: Aluminium, CS, SS.