Internal Floating Roof

         'PENTA-TECH' offers the most economical vapour saving which saves over 98% of losses from a fixed Roof Storage Tank storing volatile petroleum products. Existing Fixed Roof Storage Tanks can be easily retrofitted with IFR. Even for new storage facilities, IFR works out to be a better option in many ways as compared to a steel external floating roof which is in common use.

         All components can be moved into a tank through a standard 20" shell Manway and being of bolted construction, can be quickly assembled with minimum downtime. It is designed as per API 650 Appendix H. A live demonstration of the system can be witnessed at our works on request.

For a detailed reading on sources of Evaporation Loss and means to control them, refer the article Reducing (Controlling) Vapour Loss from Storage Tanks.

Advantages of IFR:

* Can Be retrofitted to existing Fixed Roof Tanks.
* Drastically reduces evaporation loss.
* Helps in reducing evaporation loss.
* Short payback period
* All bolted construction. Typically, no welding at site.
* Rapid field installation. Minimum downtime.
* Zero maintenance.

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