Swivel Joint

'PENTA-TECH' Swivel Joints are Proprietory Products, Designed & Developed indigeneously to meet rigorous service requirements. Years of Design, Construction and Quality Control experience and expertise in tankages have gone into these Swivel Joints. Particular care has been taken in the selection of raw materials and components meeting International standards which are easily available with manufacturer's test certificates. Available also in Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel construction for special applications.

Sizes: 2" (50)NB to 12" (300)NB.

Materials: C.S., SS 304 / 316, AL.

Proper storage before Installation in the central drain and care taken during fabrication of drain pipes at site will ensure trouble free service. Please refer to Instructions for proper installation of Swivel Joints in Floating Roof Tank Central Drain.

The salient design features of the PENTATECH Swivel joints are:

  1. SEAMLESS PIPE MATERIAL : The main body (outer piece) and Nipple (Inner piece) are made from Seamless pipes to ASTM standard A 106 Gr. B.

  2. PERFECT RACE ALIGNMENT : The twin rows of ball bearing are precision machined to close tolerances thereby enabling perfect alignment.

  3. SEALED BEARING CHAMBER: The ball bearing races and balls are protected from the fluid being handled inside as well as the external atmosphere/environment by double 'O' ring seals of a compatible material.

  4. LONG SERVICE LIFE: Selection of hardended and ground steel bearing balls ensure a long life. Swivel joints in submerged service are factory lubricated for life.

  5. FABRICATION STANDARDS: Starting from selecting ASTM approved materials of construction to using welding procedures qualified under ASME Sec.IX, very high standards of manufacture are maintained. The product is also subjected to a rigorous (100% of the joints are tested) hydro static pressure test and checked for operation ease.


  1. Articulated Central Drain of Floating Roof Tanks.

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  3. Floating Suctions